Specific online targeting to help drive traffic to your website & build your revenue stream.

Our team at Cloudify Marketing offers strategic online marketing solutions that help local companies across the GTA, like yourself, generate sustainable revenue online.
Using analytics, we are able to build strategic ad campaigns that drive qualified traffic to your website to acquire leads, sales and brand awareness.

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We understand the struggle behind signing a contract without seeing results, that's why we offer what we do. First-time users get 30% off their first ad campaign. After seeing the results, you can decide whether you want to work with us or not. 



You're in control.




Web Design

We create a seamless experience for the user. The easier it is to navigate, the easier it is to close.


Easy to understand ROI. Let us show you the improvement you've had from working with us.

Facebook Ads +

Reach your specific target audience on a platform they use the most. Guaranteed results.

Social Media Management

 Establishing your social media presence on all major platforms. Create, share, and connect. 


We take your website to the first page of Google Search. Become number one.

Promo Videos

Create an experience using video content. Enhance your brand.

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Mobile Optimization is when your website is calibrated to fit on any mobile device (phones, tablets, etc.) We're able to match the content from your website and mimic the experience someone gets when visiting your website from a computer on their mobile device.




"52% of website traffic in 2018 was generated through mobile phones." 

- Statista


Direct Traffic

Social Network Traffic

PC Traffic

SEO Traffic

Mobile Traffic

Age 25-34



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the back office way to configure your website in a way where it is easily found on any search engine. When people look up websites they usually go to the first 2 pages. Let us build your name to top 2.


Analytics help us measure the online return we get from any project or campaign. It's also a key factor in determining your ROI, and we can show you proven ROI for your investments.

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Tap into thousands of untouched customers online.


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